Has anyone seen a Jellyfish on the Pirata Print???

  1. Pulse got a request from a customer for a pirata bag w/a jellyfish on it...has anyone seen the jellyfish?? She was asking me if I've seen the jellyfish but I haven't seen one...has anyone seen a jellyfish on pirata?? :confused1:
  2. No Jellyfish.:shrugs: Maybe they think the octopus is a jellyfish.
  3. yah they're probably thinking of the octopus. or octopii? I dunnos.
  4. That's exactly what I said...the octopus...but that was also on this customer's list!! They sent her a list w/8 things they had to have on their pirata bag and jellyfish and octopus were separate!! She said she had all the employees looking for a jellyfish and they couldn't find it so she told me to ask around?? I wonder what they think the jellyfish is....:confused1:
  5. Maybe she's messing with them! SHARK ALERT!! I just saw a bambino pirata newly listed on eBay that has perfect shark placement! The first time it auctioned it didn't sell and it just relisted. Of course they want $94 plus shipping! But if you want the perfect shark....
  6. I know that the Hawaiian picture Simone has on his website has jellyfish...I think those are probably going to appear in Spiaggia.

    Maybe she saw those and thought they'd be on Pirata.
  7. Oooh, thanks Frogbubbles!! You're a genius!!
  8. :welcome:
  9. annie b- no link?? How can you tease us with no link? :sad: :crybaby:
  10. hahah i knew you would go crazy ....sharks!!!
  11. Yeah and even on the Lesportsac Pirate Page is this picture with the Jellyfish , so you are right I bet they saw it and just assumed that it meant the jellyfish would be on there .