has anyone seen a gold paddy anywhere?

  1. hi, i have been trying to locate this and have had no luck. i would love to buy one on eBay or on sale. i found one on eBay but the authenticate this forum said it was a no go, any help would be great!
  2. I found this one on eBay. I don't know enough to know if it's authentic.
  3. I think this new one is gorgeous if you like the gold colour. I love the style of it. However, gold is not quite my colour.

    There are occasionally excellent codes for ASOS.

    Chloe Leather Bowling Bag at ASOS
  4. If you go to Neiman's online..there is a gold paddington front pocket satchel on sale for 871 I believe.

  5. I looked and didnt find anything like this on sale?
  6. There was no link? I wonder if it is the same one I wss looking at??? It was not authentic if it was.
  7. OHHH I think I can help I was just at the South Coast Plaza Nordies and I saw a gold paddy there. I don't know if it was on sale, but you can call 714 549-8300 By the way you are talking about the smooth leather?
    Good luck
  8. Keep checking on bluefly...I just got the new Chloe satchel "bowling bag" that is wonderful. :tup: It's more bronze than gold however. It's the large size, 17x10 and it was 20% off on bluefly. They have the smaller version in the metallic bronzey/white on ASOS, (in this thread). Also, Sabine has a Chloe tote in the gold (bronze?) mettalic on her website, and she will give $25.00 off to PF"rs. :yes:(Not much but every bit counts!) I think they also have the bronzey/white(?) satchel on AR...the medium sized paddy. I would be very careful on ebay. I just returned a fake gold one, the seller was appalled it was fake, and refunded me immediately. I was just lucky that she was totally honest. :wlae: