Has anyone seen a faridah in grass anywhere?

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  1. or know how I can find one?? I really want a bag in grass and was leaning towards the teri, and now I think I want the faridah, but i'm assuming its all sold out?? Did nordstrom ever sell it? sigh, any leads? Thanks!
  2. Marc Jacobs in NYC had a several 2 weeks ago.
  3. They're nutsy crazy hard to find now. Darn near impossible. I did see TWO go on ebay this last week - one went for over $600!!!!!! So if you can wait until the frenzy dies down, or maybe just on the phone for an hour and call everyone to see if they can ship to wherever you're located.

    Let us know if you find one. It's a beautiful in a super color and frankly, I like the Faridah much better than the Teri by the way.....:girlsigh:
  4. Nordstrom carries it. I know for a fact that the Nordstrom in Chandler, AZ had at least one about a week ago. Their bags go out the door a little slower, so it's worth giving them (or your local Nordies) a call... they can always do a search for you. Good luck -- I love the grass color!
  5. Yes, jchiara! I saw these 2 on Ebay last week, too! Both of them went for over $ 600.00! Crazyness!

    NM had grass Faridah to sell ... but now it's sold out!
  6. Bump, if I try to get an MbyMJ store to locate one for me and dont like it can I only return for store credit, or a full refund?
  7. there was one at the boston mj store last week.
    don't know about returns!
  8. ^MJ boutiques only allow store credits for returns. I'm not sure if MbMJ stores are the same way...
  9. Darn!! I can't believe I missed it!!!
  10. Gone again! I guess this was a customer return.
    I had no idea the Grass Faridah was selling out this fast!!
  11. WOHOO!!! I tracked one down!! FINALLY after stalking nordstrom live chat people for a week straight! And they even gave me free shipping!