Has anyone seen a dust bag like this?

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  1. I thought people weren't allowed to sell dust bags anymore?
  2. Yes, it is a shoe cover,..don't know if it's authentic,..and don't know how without feeling the material you would be able to tell
  3. Maybe someone on the LV forum could authenticate?
  4. uh why arent people allowed to sell dust bags anymore? is this on ebay?
  5. I have that one. I needed a bigger bag to store my purse in and a SA at Galleria in Houston gave me that one. it actually ended up being too small for my Speedy 30, but it looks just like the one I got. I was just trying to get a bag that my speedy would fit in stuffed.
  6. Yes it's authentic.

    And the reason people aren't supposed to sell these anymore is because the fakers are buying them up (along with boxes) to include with their fake bags.

  7. ooh, that's the reason..! :shocked: so fakers will be able to cheat ppl coz ppl usually take a look to the dust bag, box, paper bag and receipt only. Once we see those items, we won't pay too much attention again to check the bag and automatically assume the auction is for 100% AUTHENTIC LV :yucky:
  8. ^Yup, that's also exactly why you can't assume anything with a receipt is authentic since they fake those as well. :tdown: