Has Anyone seen a Coach Disney purse?

  1. Hi - I'm new here and still learning my way around, but I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a Coach purse or look-a-like that uses Mickey Mouse heads instead of the signature C's. My husband swears he saw a bag like this on a woman at Disney world, but I just couldn't believe it. Is this true??? Did someone actually create a bag like that? I can't believe either Coach or Disney would let the other company use their name for such a product. I'd be happy for any information anyone has as I've been trying to verify my husband's claim for a couple of months now.

  2. I think I know what you are talking about and I don't believe it is meant to look like Coach. Its just a take off on the whole signature thing with the icon (Mickey head shape) outline on it. They incorporate the icon in a LOT of their bags, totes, fanny packs, and hats.
  3. Yeah I bought one of these a few years back (so cute!)

    They're not really a copy of any designer bag, just a cute take on the whole sorta logo purse thing.
    Mine just has a dark brown leather strap and a brown canvas little hobo type shape with the mickey shapes in a darker brown.

    I think they've purposely tried to make it a more generic style so as not to put one particular brand at a disadvantage.They haven't got any distingushing features such as the 'Coach' font or Louis Vuitton style of letter layering.

    I'm not a fan of fakes (it's dishonest more than anything) but these purses aren't trying to emulate anything or anyone, just cute little additions to a collection or even for little girls to have an appropiate purse 'like mommy!'
  4. I know what your talking about. It has nothing to do with Coach. It was a line that came out a few years ago. One of their styles was a copy of the Coach demi. It was brown with Mickey heads all over it. Funny your husband thought it was Coach so did my friends boyfriend.
  5. Hi - thanks for all of the info. If anyone has a picture I'd love to see one to satisfy my curiosity once and for all. Glad to hear no one was trying to pull a fast one on any specific designer; hard to imagine Disney would want to copy someone else or that Coach would let them.