Has anyone seen a cloudy bundle anywhere?

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  1. I'm looking for a cloudy bundle tote in black,olive or gray. Please let me know if you have seen one anywhere. Thanks in advance!
  2. Try Hirshliefers in Manhasset, NY. I saw 2 of the cloudy bundle bags around 3 weeks ago.
  3. they went on sale in the spring so don't pay full price!
  4. I am looking for the e/w tote in pink/salmon or olive too! PM me if you see any suspect lurking around!!!
  5. I am quite surprised to hear that they are still available in stores...I thought they have been marked down and sold-out some time back...:smile:
  6. i am too. assuming there weren't sold out when marked down, most stores move out sale merchandise. i suppose they could be returns (though hirschleifers has a pretty strict return policy).
  7. ^^^were they EW or NS totes? colour?;)
  8. wow...on sale? I'm surprised too. I tot it's sold out everywhere!~

    However, i saw a few sellin on ebay (in EW & NS size).
  9. a dk beige (olive) e/w CB tote was spotted at the chanel boutique on rodeo drive this weekend. please call Barbara at the boutique if you are still looking for it. GL!