Has anyone seen a Chloe Bay Messenger @ Nordstroms?

  1. I thought I had, but a few SA's I spoke to couldn't recall them. Now I'm wondering if I'm mistaken :confused1:

    Has anyone seen them on sale @ another store? Thanks! ;)
  2. moving to the shopping sub :yes:
  3. Yes they were on sale at Nordstrom before. I was looking into one on eBay (that was purchased from Nordstrom according to the seller). The bag was sold, but the seller recently contacted me because the highest bidder didn't have a confirmed paypal address. But I was lucky enough to get one at Nordstrom directly. This is the item number (270143311292), you can contact the seller see if he/her still had it.
  4. When you have the item number the best thing to do is go to online chat with nordstrom.com. They can do a search and tell you what store has the item (if at all). Keep checking if they don't have right away as there are returns daily...
  5. Hi. I just bought a chloe edith messenger from Nordstrom for $519. It was marked down from $900 plus. It's an excellent deal for a great bag. I would call Nordstrom, they might still have some in their system. Goodluck!