Has anyone seen a chanel bag in yellow or teal?

  1. I was thinking today I would like to own a yellow or teal bag. I like the classic style of Chanel, but would love a fun color. Any suggestions?
  2. Chanel has a yellow (but I heard it's more mustard instead of bright yellow) coming for SS08. in the past Chanel has made a gorgeous bright yellow classic, very pretty!
  3. Hi, I just saw the yellow classic from the Spring/Summer 08 today. It's a really nice vibrant shade of yellow. I think you should check it out.
  4. I think if i'm not wrong, there is one vintage yellow classic lambskin med/large flap listed on eBay...u may check it out! It's a lovely color but not easy to maintain since it's a lighter shade.
  5. thanks for posting guys. I would love a fun summer color.
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    You must definately check out this season's hottest pieces for Valentine's day
    Teal with charms....
    Baby bag in banana Yellow...
    coral saumon with charms...
    if you have plenty of cash or plastic to splurge now is your time
    be sure to browse around the purse forum for pics.
    Good luck hunting
    Setty xxx
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    is there really a classic flap banana yellow that is coming out? is that coming out the same time with the fuchsia?and in what store?
  8. i was at the chicago chanel boutique over the weekend and they had the maxi in a yellow-green color.. kinda like mustard.
  9. absolutely ! it comes in three different sizes

    envelope and baby size without charms
    teal envelope with charms

    truth is you can find them in any store
    but you have to check with your local rep first
    make sure you find an insider in a store near you
    and touch base often so they can let you know
    when the new stock is coming:tup:
    Chanel - Valentine's in Teal.jpg Chanel Valentine's in Deep Coral.jpg Spring%20Chanel%20013.jpg Spring%20Chanel%20016.jpg
  10. Omg! I love that baby yellow! :drool: Did they have other sizes?

    The boutiques have this colour right now perhaps you are looking for something similar to this?

  11. Beautiful colors - like a fruit salad of Chanels! Yummy.:p