has anyone seen a british tan felicia anywhere?

  1. I got the black one and love it! Don't really want to go to eBay since I'm in a battle now over a bag. Anyone seen this in store--ie macys, Nordstrom, dillards (I know there are a few hanging around...just no idea where to look)? Thanks!!
  2. I haven't seen one for a while, but you could try calling Nordstrom to see if they can locate one for you. I have not done this myself but I have heard that they are very helpful with trying to locate items, either on the phone or on live chat online. :yes:

    Good luck!
  3. Besides my closet???

    Seriously, I haven't seen one in a store in ages, but they were still selling on the department store websites recently. The last time I saw one in a department store (Dillards in Dallas area) was New Years.
  4. I think I saw one at Norstroms in King of Prussia. Cost was around $400.
  5. What! it was on sale? How long ago was this? Thanks!
  6. I have seen a few in Black but none in british tan!:sad:
  7. I think they are sold out everywhere, i know you said you didnt want to get it on eBay but that would be your best bet. There is one currently on ebay. Good luck
  8. I was just at the sacramento ca nordstroms and they had one! It was around $400 (sale) Give them a call! (916) 646-2400
  9. I gave in and went to ebay. I got one for $250!!! Hopefully someone else looking for this will see this post and grab that one up! Thanks to everyone for the help!
  10. I saw a whiskey one at Von Maur yesterday on sale for $450. Gorgeous bag, but I already have a whiskey Ali and feel like my stuff might get lost in a Felicia. I did admire it for a while though!
  11. I think the Felicia bag looks very nice. How does it look in black?
  12. Thanks for the pics and info. The black one is gorgeous. I'm beginning to like the leather more than the signature.

  13. OMG that is an AMAZING deal! Congrats!