has anyone seen a bordeaux reissue?

  1. are there any bordeaux reissues in preferably 227 left? has anyone seen one still in stores or boutiques? i doubt it, but couldn't hurt to ask. thanks in advance!
    from the threads going on, this past week has been shopping frenzy!
  2. No, and I have been calling around for it. I think I lost my chance when I picked up my grey 2.55.
  3. Thank you Pursemaven!!!! I called Bergdorf Goodman today in between classes to check if they still had it in stock and they did! Then I called my SA at NM in SF (b/c she's an absolute doll and sweetie) to see if she could transfer it. I didn't realize you can't transfer items from Bergdorf to NM. Bummer. But I was able to nab the last bordeaux reissue in 227! Galina was really kind and her assistant (her name was too exotic, I would have butchered trying to spell it) was extremely helpful.
  4. is there one is 226?
  5. Nice to see how well this works :yes: Glad you got the bag you want. :yahoo:Yeah I found out the same with BG and NM . . . and if you order something on line on BG you have to send it back to them . . .
  6. umm not sure, i didn't ask for any other sizes. you might want to call them and ask. i know for sure, i got the last 227.

    good luck!
  7. bumping this up. has anyone seen any around lately? i gave up on the navy patent.
  8. How much is the 226 / 227 of bordeaux?
  9. 226 bordeaux is US$1995, 227 is US$2095 these are Fall 2006 prices... i got my 225 for $1875 last year

  10. Can't wait to see a picture - please post one.:smile:
  11. Galina is also the one who's helping me with the reserves! She's very helpful indeed! I have her contacted by e-mail and she's very prompt in replying my e-mails! Any idea if there's still left?
  12. oh wow lilbluebear! congrats on getting it! :yahoo: when u say last one, do u mean the last one in the US or the last one in the store?
  13. Any pics yet????? :nuts: :nuts: