Has anyone seen a Blue Glacier or Ink Work?

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  1. I have been looking, looking, and looking without any luck.
    BTW, which color do you think would look better?
    Many thanks to you all...
  2. Looks like we are in common, as i'm lookin for a INK work too, still no luck so far...hehehehe
  3. last week there was a Blue Glacier work at NM Denver - 303-329-2600
    I think that they had both RH and GH
  4. AR sent me a picture of a Bleu Glacier city & it's goooorgeous :drool: I think it would look great in a work :yes:
  5. Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria
    Mclean, VA

    Bleu Glacier both GH and Classic hardware
  6. Here's bleu glacier work (with Giant hardware though)...

  7. I saw a Blue Glacier Work at NM in Troy, MI today -> 248.643.3300

    Good luck! :smile: