Has Anyone Seen a Black SGH PT at NM?

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  1. I've been contemplating getting a Black SGH PT for a while, and decided yesterday that since NM is offering such a great discount now that I should go for it. I've spoken with two different SA's at two different stores and both said that they tried to locate this bag and that it is now sold out company wide. However, I was also told that the Black GGH PT was sold out company wide and based on other posts in the shopping section yesterday I know that's not true (I'm not looking for a GGH as well, an SA just mentioned to me that the gold was sold out as well). So, I know it's getting late in the day and the sale is almost over anyway, but I thought I would check with you girls since you are absolutely the best resource there is when it comes to tracking down bags :P!!
  2. Short Hills had them last week but they may have all sold with the promo
  3. Thanks, Z&J! I called there on Friday and was told that they did not - but, I was also told that there was no such bag ever made :cursing:. When I insisted that there definitely was such a bag the SA said that if there was that it was never carried by NM. When I told her that I knew at least one person who had purchased a Black SGH PT at NM Tyson's she insisted that Short Hills definitely never carried them! I was about ready to :lecture:! So, yeah, they probably have 10! I'm going to try to call back when Lee is working!
  4. I called Short Hills too and it was disastrous. I had to explain to one SA what a part-time was, though she kept insisting that they only have cities and works. I called back later and had a more knowledgeable SA answer me that time.
  5. Call Lee at the SH NM. He knows everything