Has anyone seen a black leather fendi spy?

  1. I was thinking about buying one and can't find one anywhere. I'm not considering eBay b/c I'm afraid of fakes. Where should I look?:confused1:
  2. ^^ Yes, I've seen several in Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales lately.
  3. That's odd. The black one is the most common Spy in stock.

    Are you perhaps referring to the harder-to-locate black patent Spy?
  4. the black leather spy the ny store has them and the patent leather spy i heard someone bought her's at bergdof's
  5. I agree with the others. I would say NM, or if you have a Fendi boutique near you, like I do, then go there. *I know, duh, but figured I'd mention it anyway
    :smile: *
  6. I've seen quite a few black ones at Bloomies...