Has Anyone Seen A Black Jumbo Classic Lamskin Flap, Old Chain, Silver HW?

  1. I spoke with the Chanel 800 number and it appears none of the boutiques have ordered this bag for S/S.

    It was suggested I call Saks, NM, Bloomies etc. Has anyone seen one?

  2. NM in Charlotte had a jumbo lambskin yesterday, but honestly I don't remember what chain:confused1: It's worth a try 704-442-7900- ask for Natasha, she is so sweet.
  3. Saks, Chevy Chase has it but in CAVIAR. I didn't see any lambskin jumbos at all. :crybaby:
  4. Thanks South. I just called, new chain only :sad:

    The search continues...
  5. I saw a black jumbo classic flap in Stanford's NM about a week ago, but is cavier, not lambskin. I don't remember if the s/s is silver or gold though. You can call Rima at 650-329-3300 x5016 or Haddy at 650-329-3300 x5013 Good luck!
  6. Thanks Petals......I'm obsessed with lambskin.......there has to be at least one out there, right ???
  7. I just called the Chanel boutique where I got my large/jumbo caviar flap cuz I remember it was there in lambskin. The SA who sold mine said they had the old chain. (I didn't see it so I'm not 100% sure) Her name is Mary and the number is 800/401-9313 The store is Hirshleifer's in Manhasset, Long Island... it's on the Chanel website under store locations.
    Good luck, I hope it's there.
  8. Bummer:sad: I'll pay more attention next time to the chain:smile:
  9. ^^ yay! i hope its still there
  10. Thanks Rosehair.........but alas, no jumbo lambskin at Hirshleifers either :sad: .
  11. I'm visiting a friend tomorrow right down the block from this Chanel boutique. I'm going in there to take a peek and talk to Mary about June's trunk show. There are soooo many bags there, naturally, I can't remember what I saw from a couple weeks ago. I could have sworn my bag was there in lambskin but maybe it's the new chain also. I'm sorry they didn't have your dream bag.
  12. Thanks Rosehair :smile:
  13. Selfish bump ...

    I can't believe how hard it is to find this bag...has anyone seen one?

    thanks :smile:
  14. I think I saw one in NM newport beach. Call them up..ask for chanel bags 949-759-1900
  15. Try Saks, Dadeland, Lazara is my SA, telephone number is 305-662-8655 ext 355, tell her Cristina sent you.....:heart:H