Has anyone seen a baby cabas at a Chanel Boutique recently?

  1. I have a $2100 GC burning a hole in my wallet. Rodeo has NOTHING I like.I would LOVE a baby cabas - has anyone seen one in a Chanel Boutique recently??THANKS!!
  2. I saw a black at the NYC Madison Ave store but that was prob a few weeks ago. I would think your boutique could do a computer search of stock at other Chanel boutiques.
  3. Thanks! Yes, my SA could totally do a search but sometimes when she does a one the computer says what I'm looking for isn't available when there's actually one sitting somewhere waiting to be bought! :p

    I saw a white one last night at Saks but I need to buy from a Chanel boutique so I can use my GC. :graucho:
  4. OMG! I found one in Chicago!! Khaki!! On its way to me today! Woo hoo!!! :yahoo:

    Thanks everyone!! :wlae:
  5. :wlae: Congrats, make sure to post pics when you get it.