Has anyone secretly wished ..

  1. When I am really bored at work , I sometimes wish that I work at an LV retail store to get the discounts.
    And start wondering if the LV corporate people get discounts too and then start browsing the Lv corporate site to see if they have a job opening that would fit me.
    But then i have to move to Paris and I cannot speak French. :dots:
  2. Retail is not for me. I would not want to be on my feet all day and deal with rude, demanding people. Not all customers are as nice as the people on the purse forum. I have read too many posts on this forum about how the members have observed rude customers.
  3. i would love to work for LV but not the retail side of it!!! It is such a rubbish job, as in you have to deal with rude people!

    Maybe, LV need their own dentist! Then i could be of some help!!! lol

  4. Yes, I have done the same thing!!! I've looked at the LV website for job openings..... why did I take Spanish in high school instead of French!!

    But, I wouldn't mind working retail because I would be the best SA because I would be so enthusiastic about the purses that the customers would become enthusiastic as well after talking with me about the purses!!! And the customers would be super nice and buy lots of stuff from me based on how knowledgable I was about the purses! (Hee! Hee!) And, of course, I would want to work at LV if I had already won the lottery and didn't have to worry about money (it would be a "fun" job)..... I'm really dreaming now... I'm going to buy a lotto ticket now!
  5. As far as I remember French is not so important if you want to work for LV USA or UK... but it's mandatory for the rest of Europe... well that's the bummer, but it's understandable as LV is a France based corporation...
  6. Oh, that's always in my head! I would do anything to work for LV... :sad:
  7. Yeah I think I will be a great sales person too although I wont like it to be my everyday job handling some of the snobs :smile:
    But there are few times in the Northbrook store (smaller store) that the SAs are not available and I helped few ladies and they bought the bag and they thought I worked there...
    Just happy to help.
  8. because spanish is easier. and there are lots of spanish speaking people in LA.
  9. Me too! It would be such a great job! :yes:
  10. Same here!
  11. i work in retail part time while im doing my degree and i HATE it,sore feet dry skin from the aircon and lights,rude customers and all of the boring prts like stock take and cashing up a till. i dont think it would matter if i worked in LV or not. plus i would get sooooo jelous of all the people buying nice things while i was stuck serving them, id rather be a customer.
  12. Same here...I'm sure LV has an awesome IT department...hrrm...:graucho:
  13. Ambrosia i am with you. Maybe LV needs a programmer?
  14. I do, I do and I'm sure my French could help... well maybe one of this days...(I already bought some fancy paper to print my CV so there is a good start :roflmfao: )

  15. sign me up! LOL