Has anyone saw this ????

  1. When I see music videos such as Kanye Wests - "All Falls Down" and in 50 cents "Just A Lil' Bit", they use alot of Louis Vuitton and Ive noticed that the pegase's and some other luggage looks fake. Are these fakes used for props ?? :shrugs:
  2. No, I've never seen that. I must be too old:sad:
  3. I will try and get a pic :smile:
  4. I did see an article in People or US that Mariah Carey used authentic LV trunks/clothes for one of her videos. Not that I listen to Mariah Carey either.
  5. was that the one that i think was actually filmed at the LV store in france??
  6. yes^ mariah filmed it inside the LV store!!! she was lying down on the trunks
  7. Hmmm... the LV used in "All Falls Down" looks real to me?

    I'm lovin' that Ambre Cabas MM.... ;)
  8. Sorry, but I need to channel the sista in me to say this...*ahem* but Kanye don't use no fake LVs. He gets them straight off the runway baby. That's hot.
  9. No, I have not seen it.
  10. The ambre cabas looks good to me..
  11. lol... you're great!! :yes:
    when i saw that about the kanye video, i was thinking " now kayne just doesn't seem like a fake LV type a guy to me..." then i saw your post!!
  12. remember he (kanye) calls himself the "louis vuitton don"? lmao those r deffo real, if he can afford to buy like 30 mono suitcases just to rip off the fabris the line the accents of his car then im pretty sure he'll put real stuff in his vids.
  13. But have yous seen in 50 cents just a lil bit video that the pegase looks really weird ??
  14. they look fine, remeber the quality of the video isnt that great in the first place too.