Has anyone said anything about a line that turned you off?

  1. For example, the pomme colour looking like blood, the perfo speedy looking like a pet carrier, and the miroir speedy looking like tin foil?

    My mom said that my Monogram Speedy looked like an old lady bag, but that didn't bother me, what turned me off was someone on here saying that Damier reminds her of grandpa slippers! :yucky: No I can't stop thinking about it. :s lol
  2. I guess I've never taken those comments personally. Everyone has different tastes, and some people are just more gifted in colorfully describing what they like or dislike about certain lines! I figure that is why LV has so many different styles and patterns (or lack of patterns) - to appeal to such different people.

    I think the grandpa's slippers comment is kind of funny, but I LOVE the damier and hope to soon have a piece myself (but elux sold out of the bag I wanted :hysteric: )!
  3. We ALL have different tastes and that's a GOOD thing !!!!!!!!!:yes:

    I remember that comment about Damier (mostly b/c I feel the same way;) )

    I personally hate all LV sneakers:yucky: BUT there is a thread here about a new pair and a lot of girls love them !!:smile:

    It's good that we all don't like the same things because then there would be trouble :p
  4. Nope, I'm too obsessed to care when I have my eye caught on an LV line. LOL!
  5. No. I'm also too obsessed to care what others opinions are. All are entitle to their own taste.
  6. People tell me to stop buying LV because, it's not a staple bag thats going to be "in" forever. They try to get me to lean toward less monogramed bags. But I will always love LV!
  7. I kind of think that Speedy looks very dated but then I think the same thing about Chanel classic flap with a chain. Everyone has different tastes though:smile:
  8. Which bag was that? :nuts:
  9. My mother tells me that my speedys look like luggage. Doesn't bother me.
  10. When the Azur line came out, I told my friend that I loved this line. She answered me it looks like albino Damier. :s
  11. jeez my mom says that too...
    i love it! and she saiy mini lin looks like an old lady too!
    and she says the mono is like an old lady, and the damier
    the only thing she likes is the vernis and the antigua cabas GM
    wow. she is so young at heart.
  12. ^^ also, i try to explain to her that kids younger than me carry speedies and damier and stuff, but she doesnt buy it. LOL.
  13. I personally got a little peeved when people dissed the Miroir line calling it an expensive tin foil bag. I love my Speedies and my Pochette Acc., so it didn't really matter.

    I more worried of PF-ers talking me into a line I haven't yet tried! LoL :lol:
  14. someone told me that monogram LV's just look like brown bags with lucky charms stuck to them. i was slightly offended.

  15. :roflmfao: that's just too funny! but it really dosen't matter what other's think, i go w/what i like :smile: