Has anyone recieved the matelasse in colors yet?

  1. I'm especially interested in the sandstone and natural matellase
  2. Ooooo, Good question!!

    I would love to see sandstone too (w/silver hardware) and bleu glacier.
  3. ^^^ME Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. yes, it will be fun to see this bag in the new colors!
  5. I know that the White Matelasse is now at Barneys NY (both Copley & Chestnut Hill have it). I also saw the French Blue one (least I think it was the French Blue), but for the life I me ... I can't remember where I saw it!!! Sorry ... it's been a REALLY LONG WORK WEEK!!

    Oh yeah ... Barneys NY/Chestnut Hill (617/969-5354 - ask for Peter) had the Coin Purse in the Cobalt color ... if anyone wants it!!
  6. ^^^ooooooooh! white! i bet that was beaaautiful!!!!
  7. I saw the white and the French Blue at NM Fashion Valley about a week ago. Both are brilliant and stunning. I am waiting for the bleu glacier and the argyle.
  8. saw french blue matelasse and white matelasse at NM king of prussia
  9. blue france


  10. ^^Yowza!!!:wtf:
  11. :nuts: :nuts: :drool: The blue one looks so yummy!!!Thanks for posting pics.
  12. so pretty!

    I spoke with a balenciaga rep the other day and she said they were going to do a tiny matelasse for fall! wouldn't that be a cute evening bag?
  13. Absolutely! I am soooo tempted by the matelasse! I want a black one. A tiny one for evening will be adorable.
  14. OMG!! I might have to snap up that French Blue!!

    Love the hardware!
  15. Amour - I love you for posting those pics! The french blue is to die for! Tabby - you should totally get it.