Has anyone recieved suspicious emails from Paypal lately?

  1. I just got an email from service@paypal.com saying that I authorized a transaction via my bank account to an eBay seller for a certain item. First, I have no idea who this seller or what this item is (doesn't show in my eBay history either), and I don't even have any of my bank accounts registered with paypal (just CCs).

    Of course I did send paypal an email as well but am still waiting to hear from them. Has anyone recieved a similar email recently?
  2. Thanks! I just read the info on spoof mails. Need to be more aware if these things... :sad:
  3. I never go by anything that is rec'd in my e-mail, only in my eBay messages.
  4. Yes. I got one this weekend. I've gotten them before. just ignore and delete.
  5. I got them about a couple of months ago.
  6. log into your paypal account directly, never use a link.

    if there is something paypal wants you to know about, when you log into your account there will be an alert.
  7. I got one today saying my account had been suspended due to shill billing... My heart skipped a few beats and I was like :wtf:, Then I came to my senses and realized it HAD to be a scam, I opened up a new browser to log into ebay (NEVER click the link in the email!) and everything was fine.... $%#* scammers!
  8. thanks guys. i'd have to remember to be more careful about emails!!!
  9. can you believe i just got one and they were about an item that ended yesterday? they weren't even a bidder and they said they were with some game place. crazy!!
  10. I get them all the time, and most times they go straight to my junk mail. The real emails from them go to the inbox. I probably only receive 2-3 emails a year directly from Paypal for anything other than payments.
    The responses above say the correct thing to do. Open a new window, check your account page for communication from these companies. If there is none, report to paypal@spoof.com, or ebay@spoof.com. They say they investigate them but......
  11. I got one, too. It was a pretty good one, but this error in spelling (memeber instead of member) was fishy enough. Besides, my email reader that I use for Ebay and Polish auction service doesn't open messages in HTML, is shows only text, so that the links vanish. It's a good thing, IMO.
  12. same here i also received one.
  13. I get them about every other day

    forward the ebay ones to spoof@ebay.com
    forward the payapl ones to spoof@paypal.com

    also, like others have said, never click on a link in an email