Has anyone recently bought from .....

  1. catwalk_mode. I believe previously known as paparazzi-girl and monaco-babe as per attached thread


    I have just bought an item from the seller, and paid through paypal, but am now led to believe that I will have trouble getting the item, if I ever do get it. And then if I do get it whether it will be authentic or damaged. :cursing:

    Anyone with any recent experience and/or advice. :confused1:
  2. OH :shocked: I'm sorry your happened that. Hope you'll get back all your money, just file dispute with PayPal if there's indicate she'll scam you.

    Beside it, is there any special reason you suspicous they're the same person?
  3. Another forum member in the 'authenticate thread' advised me of the possible connection. And if you do a search for catwalk_mode, it takes you to that thread. I've been looking through to try and find, but not managed to read all 18 pages yet.
  4. I haven't had first hand experience with this person but i feel terribly sorry for those who have. I can not believe that something like this can happen and she is getting multiple eBay ids...why is this person still getting away with this? Where are the authorities?
  5. I am so sorry to hear she has other IDs. I can't believe eBay has allowed her to continue to sell.
    Good luck - be sure to keep us posted. I'm so sorry!!

    I would immediately start the buyer's complaint process and go thru paypal AND eBay to see that your funds are returned. At this point I'd be more worried about getting my money back than the item she may or may not send.

    She is known for dragging transactions out until it's too late for you to complain or be compensated, so if you KNOW that it is her, make sure you leave her horrible negative feedback telling people that it's her and directing them to the victims webpage that you posted above.
    That website is one I have read before and should give you some insite into what to do and how she works.
  6. The girl who made the victims site is a member of tPF so you might could message her and get better advice. She is definitely an activist against that particular person and will help you, I'm sure!

    Do you mind me asking how much money is involved here? Some of her victims have wired her more than $10,000 and received fake bags, or even NO items at all or empty boxes in the mail.

    She was on tPF at one time. There are threads where she has posted and carried conversations. She even made another tPF ID and came on to talk more.

    I heard one victim that bought a bag from her, and six months later she contacted them about another bag they were looking for. So they "traded" -or upgraded her Hermes bag for the other style. The buyer mailed the seller her used bag AND paid the seller for another bag, and the seller somehow got ahold of the bag without it being able to be traced thru postage. She claimed she never received it, and the buyer was then not only out of the money AND Hermes bag from her original purchase, she was then out of EVEN more money for the bag she traded up for. She essentially STOLE the bag back that the person had originally bought from her. Then later, that person saw her LIST THAT SAME BAG again on EBAY!!!

    This is truly a TERRIBLE person!
    She is overseas so I assume that is why authorities in the US have not been able to do anything.
  7. Oh no, I am sorry FredandGinger. You're right she is one name that has caused a whole lot of pain and although I wasn't involved, I read the saga with alarm. It was gro3602 who knew most about her and set up the website for people who had bought from her. Sadly gro3602 told us she was taking a break about 6 weeks ago, and I haven't seen her on the boards since. . .

    The other person who knew a lot about this individual and her scams was, I think, chloehandbags who if I am remembering rightly did some damn hot detective work whe we were discussing experiences with the seller. She might be able to help.

    I think there is enough concern about this person though to say it would be better to withdraw from the transaction than risk it . . .Let us know what happens hun. Hugs xx
  8. Hi ladies,
    Gave up tpf for lent.....
    It was tough haha

    I have no proof that catwalkmode is monaco-babe, paparazzi-girl, moda-da etc etc

    I'll look into it though.

    You might be ok!
  9. ^^ Yay! Welcome back - your wise words have been much missed in these parts.
  10. Hi, glad your back. Someone said if anyone would know it would be you. Thanks for taking the trouble to look into it. It is appreciated. :flowers:
  11. Fred&Ginger, have you hear something from your seller?
  12. Heard nothing. But it is the Easter weekend, so i will see what happens next week.
  13. This seller has similar style, but I don't think it's the same seller as moda-da.

    Just curious as to why she's registered w/ a US address and her auctions state that the items ship from Germany?

    Did you request contact info?

    I'm curious now!
  14. Can't find any contact info other than email address. The sellers name listed is 'Lili de Castro'.