Has anyone received their PCE card yet?

  1. No, not me, but anxiously awaiting one (hopefully!)!
  2. since today is the 7th, and we don't begin our calls until the 12th, i think that's around the time you should recieve them (12th) because we don't want the invites to arrive too early, or too late. so it's timed like that.

    some customers even complain (rare, once so far) that they got their invites after the whole event has passed! ten days mind you.

    when we call, we say that they are on the way if not already arrived. so it'll probably start as early as this week, if not next.
  3. thank you, ms-whitney! I appreciate all your information!
  4. I think you'll know when they start arriving.....
  5. I got my phone call after they showed up on eBay last time... Then I got the card (after presale & after buying a card on eBay)... Now that I learned to get a regular SA, I figure I should get a card...
  6. no card yet - but I did get "the call" yesterday. I am guessing the invite should be in the mail today or tomorrow.

    Last time they called I went home to find the invite waiting for me in the mail.

    Happy Mail Day to everyone. :graucho:
  7. Last time I never got a call. But I did get the card. Never knew about a presale! I am hoping to get a card this time. I have shopped out of my regular store the last 2 times though.
  8. do the calls go out to the top customers or just regulars at certain boutiques? ive gotten two cards but never a call...unless my mom deletes the messages to try to stop me from spending her money :rolleyes:
  9. I got a call the last time, and my card came maybe a day or two later.
  10. Thats exactly what I was wondering myself...

    I never receive a call.. just a card in the mail. :shrugs:
  11. i want a card :s
  12. that's funny, my dad would do that. That's why they have my cell # not my home #.
  13. I wish I was able to get a card, most of my purchases are done online since we don't have a store locally. My only instore purchase was my first bag last year in vegas!
  14. I have received the past 3 PCE invites & last time was the first time that I got a phone call from a SA. I thought it was a tad bit weird. Hopefully I'll get one this time around. If not I'll have to visit the boutique & work my mojo.
  15. i havent yet...but last time i didnt get one and my SA just gave it to me so if it happen again (which i really hope it doesnt) then ill ask