Has anyone received their Cotton Club Tote - mine is on hold and I need opinions

  1. I was very happy to see Cal's thread about the Cotton Club Tote, because I was hoping for a preview. What a horrible SA!

    I haven't tried my black tote yet... it is waiting for me at the store and sometimes I find it difficult to make a decision on the spot, while the SA is standing around, waiting to go to the next customer.

    Has anyone received theirs and what are your opinions? Is it the "perfect" tote? Are the chains too silvery (for a gold lover such as myself)? Is it too similar to the much copied Cambon? Is it just so-so looking? Is it heavy?

    I'm so curious to actually see and know about it, before I go to pick it up. I've only seen one picture.
  2. ^^I am curious about this myself.
  3. I don't have it but I've seen it IRL. It is nice. It looks like a cross between the vintage ligne and cambon, with chain handles. The chains are bright ruthenium hardware. Not silver. And the style is so similar to the cambon. I saw it in navy blue at the boutique. I never liked the cambon line but the cotton club is nicer. It's not heavy at all.
  4. Thank you, absolutanne!

    Isn't "bright ruthenium HW" very silver looking? I didn't mind the blackened silver HW from last fall, but bright ruthenium HW may look a bit cheap. Does it, in your opinion?

    Also, my SA said the leather was the same as my reissue - kind of distressed. I hope so.
  5. Can anyone provide any pics and prices? I haven't seen it IRL and can't wait.
  6. I saw it at the trunk show and it reminds me of the cambon alot--same shape, same big CCs. The leather is like the vintage ligne and the handles have the chain. If you are a fan of the Cambon ligne, i think you will like it. If not (which I don't think you are?), you may want to think about it:shrugs: ...
  7. I actually really liked the Cambon shape, but wouldn't go near it because of the replicas. If the Cambon was not so widely copied and the CCs were not such a contrast (too obvious a "Chanel") ... I would have bought one.
  8. ^^then I think you will like it! let us know!
    I personally love the cambon ligne and think it is one of the most practical and lovely lignes. D#@$ the replicas!
  9. YOU know what..It really didnt remind me of the Cambon line at all..LOL...Guess its just me but I dont see the similarity..heehee.Its a TDF bag..go get it Girl!!
  10. I seen it today and for me I think cambon is much more better.
  11. What they have in common is that the CC logo is placed "off center," in the corner of the bag, as opposed to the middle. The Cambon line was the first to have an off-center CC, I believe.

    (These pics borrowed from other threads.)



    Otherwise, I have to agree that the Cambons and Cotton Clubs don't look too similar.
    Cotton Club.jpg Cambon.jpg
  12. Thank you,Cosmopolitan! I haven't looked at them side by side like that... I do love the distressed leather on the Cotton Club. :heart:

    I wonder how much it is here in Canada... I haven't even asked...
  13. i am very interested in knowing too, i just spke to the SA today, and she said toronto hasn't gotten any at all. what city are you at?
  14. HMMM!LOVES the Cotton club bag....!!
  15. I just saw the ivory pochette on eBay... it's GORGEOUS :drool:

    Here's a pic. credit to seller 714bijout on eBay