Has anyone received their AC bags from Calypso yet?

  1. I knoooow it hasn't been a long time but I placed my order on 11/30 and am anxious to see my new addition!

    Has anyone received their bags that used a phone order?
  2. Which store did you place the order from?
  3. Sorry I went in person, you should call. Tho figure if you placed on 11/30 and they are shipping UPS it will be a week or so
  4. I ordered it from the California store and I'm in New Jersey. So I am assuming it should take about a week?
  5. Maybe you should call and ask to be sure that its on its way and maybe get a trackking number as well so you can see where it is as its making it way to you! Which color did you get??Yay, Im so excited for you, I love Anna Corinna!