Has anyone received the NM mail catalog??

  1. I just received mine in the mail today and there is a beige caviar leather bag with silver hardware advertised and I almost hit the roof when I saw it!! I want to know more about this bag, measurements, etc!! Has anyone seen the catalog and know what I am talking about?? The only info the catalog has on the bag is its price, $2225, and you can get it in black.
  2. I need to see it (please!). Can you scan a picture?
  3. I think we should mention that the catalog also shows a navy cabas, for those interested in the cabas.
  4. Here is a photo of the bag from the catalog. I think I am in love! I was just about to buy the GST in beige, but was hesitant because I did not want gold hardware and then this bag appeared. My only concern is the size....since I want a large bag. Does anyone know anything about this bag???
  5. Oh yes, there is a gorgeous navy cabas!!!
  6. I ordered the small bronze bag out of one of the recent catalogs and if you call them they will give you the dimensions over the phone
  7. OH, I like the bag and the cork wedge too...mmm...should I go to NM tomorrow???:girlsigh:
  8. And I called them on those, and they said they are sold out. They were in a previous catalog, and I was curious if they got more. I am not sure they ever got more . . .
  9. I don't get the catalog. How do I get the catalog? I have certainly bought from them before.
  10. Me too:shame: Have you received yours yet? I am interested to see the color in person.
  11. I purchased a subscription to Neiman Marcus catalog for $6.95? I think and have yet to receive mine.
    It was for the fashion one- I assume this is the one that shows all the Chanel items correct?

    Sappho, did you have to pay to get your NM catalog?
  12. No, I didn't pay for a subscription....but I also don't get too many of the catalogs...
  13. if you order anything online or frmo a catalog, you automatically start getting them. Sometimes it's worth it to buy a little Christmas gift or something just to get teh fantastic eye candy!

    I get a couple almost daily from them, what does the cover look like?

    That may be the Timeless classic Tote though, it'll replenish if it is.
    Also, if that's what it is, it's smaller than the GST a little and the handles' drop is shorter.
  14. Ok, thanks!
    Hopefully I get the ones I want!:yes:
  15. I got a few very small ones previously from I assume items I ordered from them but they were not ones that had brands like Chanel in them so I am hoping the subscription I paid for is for the other catalogs that do feature Chanel items.