Has anyone received a STEP yet (not necessarily in violet lol)? Please post pics!

  1. I did a search, but not many pics showed up and if they did, they were mostly violet (not that there's anything wrong with it!). I read many of us have been on the list for a step. So, has anyone actually gotten one? Please post your STEPS! :yes:
  2. I don't recall anyone posting a non-Violet one yet....hmmm...
  3. ^Yep I saw the violet one, but I'm also interested in all the other colors! Anyone?
  4. I'm with you, France. I'm VERY curious about the Step in the brown shades. I know AR will be getting it in Tabac, but I'd really love to see it in Mogano/Cinnamon! I wonder if the Step will come in Mogano???
  5. I'd love to see it in black. I think it'd be a great addition...but do you think it'd be too similar to a black brief? I really can't decide!
  6. I'd like to see it in another colour too...I heard that the Jaune Step is amazing!!!
  7. LOL! for some odd brain funk- I expected the Step to be ONLY in Violet!

  8. I'd LOVE to see other colors in the Step!

    Very curious to see how it actually looks on someone as well....
  9. Yeah, violet has been dominating lately... I'd like to see a sienna brief for example. Are they not popular?? I haven't seen one irl yet!
  10. i was just wondering the same thing. i'm totally not a violet girl but i'm dying to get my hands on a step- i need to see it in other colors!
  11. Will someone model the Step for us please? :flowers: