Has anyone received a refund from Bluefly?

  1. HELP!!!
    I am interested if any of you who have purchased a "supposedly authentic" Balenciaga from Bluefly received a refund for your fake bag. I shipped mine back and they have had it in their hands for over 10 days. Everytime I call to check on the status of the refund, they put me on hold several times :mad: , state that it takes up to 14 days :rant: , and refuse to let me talk to the returns department. :censor:

    Has anyone had any luck in receiving their refund? Thanks!!!!
  2. I got mine but it took around 10 days to get it.. I'd wait a couple more days then call back. :rant: Unfortunately, Bluefly doesn't give a rat's behind about much these days:hrmm: Good luck!
  3. wow, 10 days isn't too bad acegirl, i had to wait 30 days once for a refund from them :sad:...of course, there wouldn't have been any need for a refund if they were selling legit bags :Push:
  4. just curious....how "real" are these b-bags that bluefly's selling?
  5. well, from what i understand they're totally fake didi-girl :cry:
  6. I just got home from work and "Peter" who works under Leslie Nelson left a message that they had processed my refund. This was after letters, faxes and phone calls. Still no apology for selling counterfeit bags or any offers of courteous customer service that you would expect from a company this size. For me, if they had just apologized I wouldn't be so furious. Stay away from Bluefly!
  7. 30 days?! OMG, they'd have my foot up their ass! I'm sorry, that's just inexcusible! :shocked:
  8. It took them about 2 weeks after they received the bag to refund to me, but still they refused to refund the shipping as I have requested
  9. Peter called me also and said he was processing my refund (including shipping). I asked him point blank what Bluefly was going to do for me to make up for all the time and trouble of purchasing and receiving TWO fake b-bags. He kind of stuttered and said that someone would get back to me within a few days. I will not hold my breath!

    It is funny of Leslie is the head of customer service but makes her lackey do all the dirty work. Funny how she never returns calls.
  10. I thought the same thing Becca.

    So many of us have had our time and resources tied up in trying to get our money back for counterfeit goods. You would they would offer us gift certificates or something.
  11. definitely, that's the least "bluefly" could do for you gals!!!