Has anyone read..

  1. The Devil Wears Prada??!!

    I LOVE it! half way through and cant put it down!

    Is it true it's loosely based on Anna Wintour?
  2. I loved that book, I can't wait til the movie comes out!
  3. i am soooo excited for the movie! anne hathaway is such a doll. :smile:

    the book was good for what it was. i read it sitting by the pool in mexico and it was exactly what i needed at the time. entertaining brain candy. :smile:
  4. I've read it, and I think it's awesome! Can't wait until the movie is released.
  5. I read it two years ago... I think it's a fabulous, fun book. :smile:
  6. didnt she write another book..waiting in line or something?? (i might be completely off on the title)
  7. I loved it I read it last year...if you like that book, I guarantee you will like another recent book she wrote "everyone worth knowing"
  8. it's close..the cover of the book showed the girl was waiting in line :biggrin: the title Everyone worth knowing
  9. Oh man! I just ordered like 4 new books to read while recovering from TT. . . maybe I'll order this one too, I'm notorious for reading a whole book in a day or two!
  10. swanky -- it is def. a day or less read, esp. if you have a bunch of time on your hands. i started it around 10am and was through it by the time they brought the happy hour menus around at 5. :smile:
  11. My girlfriends and I all read the book. We are anxiously awaiting the movie.
  12. ive read everyone worth knowing.... that was a fab book, but i still havent read the devil wears prada... i always see it on sale at Borders
  13. Swanky I would love to send you a few books to read while recovering!! Let me know! I have some FUN books...
  14. I havent. what's it about?? Sounds interesting.
  15. I laughed all the way through it - I loved it!!