Has anyone read Haunted?

  1. Has anyone read Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk?


    I read it back in high school. That is the creepiest, sickest book I have ever read. But I love it. Its made up of 23 short stories and one of the opening stories called "Guts" was so bad I stopped reading the book for 2 weeks and almost opted to just never continue reading it. But I did. Some of those stories nearly made me puke. Here's a quote from that link about Haunted -

    If you haven't read it, what's the creepiest thing you've ever read?
  2. No, I'm too scared !!! Ill take your word for it ! :cry:
  3. Are they fictional? I think I've heard about Guts. Makes me want to read it to see how really bad it is. Of course, I'm kind of twisted. I preordered my museum tickets 2.5 months ahead of time for the Body Worlds exhibit. Plastified cadavers. Can't wait!
  4. I read it.. I enjoy his books!
  5. I hate scary stories & movies - I always get nightmares so I'll just take your word for how horrifying this story is!
  6. oohh it sounds interesting!! though I would definitely be too scared to read it if I'm by myself
  7. Me too! The cover look scary too! I wonder whatz in it........:unsure:
  8. He always writes interesting, twisted stories.
  9. I haven't read that one yet. I've read Fight Club, Choke and Diary. All of his books are really twisted. He must be an interesting guy to hang out with.
  10. I saw that show when it was in L.A. It made me weak.:sick:
  11. is this book twisted in a Roald Dahl-for-adults fashion?

    i'll put it on my must-read list. Thanks! :biggrin:
  12. I'm so excited I can't wait to read this book. I love sick twisted stuff like this. My fav scary movie is SAW 2.
  13. Wow, I love scary stuff and stuff about ghosts, so this sounds like it will be right up my alley!
  14. I heard they just look like plastic right...still:sick:
  15. I really want to read Choke and Diary! I'll have to pick those up soon. Haha, I know, I wonder what his friends would say of him?
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