Has anyone put charms on a Legacy?

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  1. I just bought a Legacy Hippie and I have a couple of nice Coach charms and even though they are silver toned I would like to put them on my Legacy - any suggestions as to how?

    Does Coach make any charms for the Legacy line?
  2. Coach for whatever reason doesn't make any gold-toned charms, so if your obsessive compulsive like me and prefer gold-toned charms to match the brass hardward, you're out of luck.

    However, I do wear Coach charms on my Legacy items and honestly, I barely notice the difference. I love to hang the "money", "cresent moon", and the "smiley face" charm from my Legacy bags and they look great.

    I have a skull charm on the way which I don't think I will use on my Legacy bags (too silver) but that's just me and my OCD. :yes:
  3. Well, when I receive either my shoulder zip or slim tote I'm totally planning on using my multicolor daisy! I'll probably have to wait till july for both but that daisy will match anything (along with my ponytail scarf). I don't have metal OCD :smile:
  4. there's nowhere to clip it on the legacy shoulder.. I have it in pond and wanted to clip a charm on it.. the brass rings are too fat for the charm clips.. I resorted to just tying my legacy stripe ponytail scarf on it rather than clip a charm to the hangtag thing (which I know can fall off)..
  5. Wasn't there someone who removed charms etc from their original fobs and added them to a binder ring? That would work (but again, silver unless you can find them in gold).
  6. My koi keyfob will be attached to my whiskey shoulder when I get it.
  7. there are a few brass keyfobs (i have the brass script one and the mini ergo ones...just offhand)
  8. Coach has one Charm clipped to the ball chain of the Legacy Satchel in the Legacy Ad on Coach.com. There really is no place to hang one.

    All my charms are Pave/Nickels the brass/nickel combo does not bother me. All of them are key fobs, with the key ring removed and hanging on the ball chain. I have been searching for clasps that can be attached to the end of the chain and large enough clip to the strap o-ring, but either they have to be purchased in mega quanities or they are so large they look rediculous!

    Jump rings can be attached to the end of the chain and then around the brass o-ring, but that would be permanent! When I find an alternative be sure I will let you know!
  10. I have a charm clipped to the zipper pull on my shoulder bag.
  11. ^^
    Me too....

    And it doesn't really bother me that the metals don't match...so long as it looks good, I'm cool.
  12. With my Khaki/Ebony Legacy Shoulder Bag, I clip my patchwork flower charm on the zipper pull.

    With my Legacy Slim Tote, I hang the turtle keyfob on the hangtag. But I'm constantly nervous that the hangtag is goind to fall off.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  13. Ooops! I guess I won't be doing that anymore now. Thanks for the warning!
  14. on my legacy, i put mine near the strap, where the hook thingy is...makes it easy.
  15. +1, I do the same.
    On my bags I use the multicolor daisy.
    On my Katy I tried using the small pink ergo yesterday. It looked so cute!