Has anyone purchased the purple python Gracie?

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  1. I saw this on the Kooba website and fell in love with it. I love purple and have been looking for a purple bag. I was hoping someone has purchased it and can post some picks, and say how they like it. I'm a little concerned with all the QA issues with Koobas lately that I want to spend 745.00 for a bag from them. I have a parker in Ink that I love, but I really want a purple bag.
  2. i am wondering the same about this or the similar Kerri...i dont have any koobas so i have no idea how it should be!
  3. I like the teal. Generally, Kooba bags have the best leather.
  4. I saw the purple python in person at Nordstrom, it was the Kerri bag which I think is the smaller version of Gracie. The color was just gorgeous - not too bright and not too pastel - and the leather was so soft, softer than you would expect for the python. If I was not on a self-ban I would have grabbed it and I am still thinking about it :drool:
  5. I agree. The Kerri is the smaller version of the Gracie and the purple color, as is the teal, is gorgeous.