Has anyone purchased the Coach Patchwork Suede Hobo?

  1. I purchased this bag but it has been sitting in my closet b/c I am afraid to use it! Does anyone have this bag? How is it holding up? Do you still like it? The patchwork is gorgeous but I sometimes wonder if the patchwork belongs on a quilt and not on a bag...what do you think. THanks!

    This is the bag:
  2. Hi There!

    I am in the same boat as you. :confused1: I have the Ergo Suede bag but am afraid of using it. Now my denim patchwork is holding up just great (granted it's not all suede). I talked to my SA about and she said that the all suede bag is something you have to be careful about. I worry that I'm just too rough with my bags. I like to carry them year round and with the rain and Chicago snowstorms, I don't know how feasible that will be.:yucky:

    I am thinking of trading it in for a Hampton Satchel in the yummy:p embossed leather

    I do need a red bag,and this style is going fast, so I have to make up my mind in a hurry! It's $20 more than our current bag.

    Keep us posted. I'll do the same :tup:
  3. I love this bag!! I say trade it in!! Hehe.
  4. I dont have this bag but it is on my wishlist of bags.
    I was:drool: when I saw it in the catalog.
    How does it look in person?
    Of course I been here too long now.
    I've been tempted by all the bags I see, I do want a red bag.
    Something that screams, "Hello World! ".....
    I hope you figure out what to do , Sorry I'm no help..
  5. I think the bag is really beautiful but I am exchanging it for something else! When I go back and forth this many times on a bag, I know it is not meant to be!