Has anyone purchased shoes from Mytheresa.com?


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Mar 1, 2006
Los Angeles
Hi Ladies. I was wondering if any of you have purchased shoes from mytheresa.com. I don't know how much extra I'll be paying in tax and duty because it is billed separately and not included in my total price. They have a great selection of shoes and I would really like to give them a try but I'm a little scared of the unknown since I have never purchased things from another country. TIA!


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Oct 4, 2008
in the middle of a corn field
A lot of ladies in the CL forum purchase from mytheresa. Just check the conversion rate on your own as the one on their site may not be 100% correct as it may not be updated daily. Also I know the VAT gets deducted from the price and you will get a separate invoice from the shipping company for customs.