Has anyone purchased/seen a Fall Emerald?

  1. I've seen some stock photos of this color and wondered how it is in real life? The SA I spoke with on the phone said that the Emerald was his favorite. What do those that have seen the color think?
  2. I've seen Emerald at the MJ boutique, it's a nice green, not appley nor dark. It's a medium dark green, with a slight slight blue undertone? Very pretty color. I've noticed MJ's colors this season aren't too bold but still very rich. I can't seem to find a photo of this color, I've only seen it on the MJ website.

    tln, not interested in bark anymore?
  3. I've seen this shade too. It's a deep green to me with a bluish tone. It's not yellowy. If you like green, it's a nice color. It looks great with the gold hardware that he's using.
  4. I hate green but I love the emerald color. It's a jewel tone. Not yellowy at all. Very rich and understated and not too bright. It's kind of like Balenciaga's emerald :love:
  5. I think I may have tracked the Bark down! Lucky for me. I had called the MJ in Las Vegas, and the gentleman I spoke with kept raving about the Emerald. It seems like the jewel tones are going to be big for fall, so I was trying to get an accurate picture in my mind.

    The Balenciaga comparison helps, thanks!
  6. ^ I agree, it's too dark, forest green looking.

    The real color is brighter, less dark.
  7. There's an Emerald Venetia on ebay, the pictures show the real-life color pretty well. Among the soft calf colors this season, Emerald's not my favorite; I prefer Amethyst & Linen. =) Never been a fan of green, Spearmint is beautiful though.

    TLN, which style did you decide to get in Bark?

  8. So is that Emerald Venetia authentic? It's sooooo pretty!:love:
  9. I don't think this Emerald Venetia is authentic, the color combination (silver hardware & red suede lining) is wrong. If anyone has seen an authentic Emerald soft calf style with this combination, please correct me. =)

    All Marc Jacobs' Fall '06 styles have shiny gold hardware; I didn't check this season's suede lining color for Emerald. Emerald is an old color that's making a comeback this season, the old Emerald styles had silver hardware & green suede lining.

    Do you ladies think the colors of the Emerald Venetia on ebay are similar to this season's Emerald (a little bit darker i think).
  10. Hi..I am a giant green tree..no I mean..I love green. Any GREEEN...but this emerald is amazing. I bought the Mischa in the emerald and the MJ boutique had also sampled me with the tote. Gorgeous. The quilted bags have canvas and the plain bags have blue navy like suede. I was told this was due to weight in that quilting weighs more...The hardware is silver. The only emerald green with silver that I know of was several seasons ago and the emerald was a brighter grass green resort color. maggie
  11. opps..I mean the hardware is gold on the Mischa and silver on the older emerald resort color. m
  12. Thanks bag.lover! An emerald green piece is definitely on my wish list. It's so beautiful and like you aereodyte, I'm a GREENIE too!! Green is my favorite color!:P
  13. I'm not a fan of green, only certain items and accessories work for me in that color. Fortunately, that includes bags!

    aereodyte, hurry and post pics please! I would love to see that mischa.