Has anyone purchased one of these?

  1. Just wondering if anyone has gotten one of these yet? If so, what do you use it for?

    It is in the accessories, yet is like a very small purse.
  2. It's really pretty. My friend is thinking of getting it in the whiskey. It looks too small for my everyday stuff but perfect for an evening out or when you are traveling light.
  3. My friend uses the pouch as a purse (not this style though) and while I wish I could carry a small bag like that, it barely fits onto my shoulder.
  4. shell bell uses those and hasn't complained about it. I would PM her.
  5. My little cousins have that and the striped, and they use it for everyday, so phone, keys, wallet, little makeup things, sunnies, that type of thing.
  6. And I've basically seen this on females for everyday.
  7. They are so cute when I see them in the store and they are big enough for a wallet, phone, keys and a few extras. I'm not a small purse person, but I'm so tempted by all of the things in this legacy line. The new hippie bag is neat, too - I looked up the old model on ebay and its fun to see how style has evolved AND is staying the same after all those years.
  8. My daughter (turning 9) wants one of these little ones. I have to keep telling her its a bit too pricey for her at that age.....although if mom here gets it, uses it, tires of it....then she would have her bag - ha!
  9. I love them...they are bigger than you think and super cute.

  10. I love the old Coach stuff. With this Legacy line it's so special :love:that it brought me back to Coach. I'd advise anyone to BUY first and THINK later :yes:
    because when they're gone, they're gone. If you're liking it, grab it. I got the hippie! :heart: