Has anyone purchased LV bags from b744wify on eBay? S/He is a MPRS, BUT (ro)

Apr 25, 2006
S/He sold a brand new Mono Speedy 30 ($565) & Damier Speedy 30 ($575) yesterday, and already has another brand new Mono Speedy 30 up for sale.

I *almost* bought the Daimer Speedy 30 after I got the OK from "Authenticate This" thread, but hesistated. Now, I'm kinda glad because I'm just a little bit suspicious.

BTW, I checked and the seller is listed on mypoupette.com.

I would love to hear your thoughts / experience.
Jan 18, 2006
I don't think you have anything to worry about. I've been watching her auctions for a few years now. To me, she seems like an excellent and legit seller. If I remember correctly, she's in Alaska and hubby is a pilot. She sells a TON of LV (most brand new) and it usually goes pretty high.


ASO The Today Show
Nov 3, 2006
there has been some back and forth about her on the ebay boards. she sells the same bags over and over and all in basically new condition. i would steer clear but thats me.


Jan 3, 2006
I purchased a Black Epi Speedy from her last year. I found her to be very nice, professional, and dedicated to her Ebay business. I would not hesitate to purchase from her again.


Jan 10, 2006
If you read her "about me" page, they are not ALL her items. She has a circle of girlfriends that have her help them list their bags also. She's basically making a business of helping others sell their bags. I wouldn't worry about it.


ASO The Today Show
Nov 3, 2006
sell the same bag? c'mon. i know she works on consignment but they are all the same bag and all basically brand new. anyway people here have had good experiences with her so great. to each his own.


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
she sold in various sizes about 27 speedys since october. that's not odd?

Not really--not unless she's had 2 or 3 negative feedbacks regarding the Speedys. If she sold 27 Speedys and all buyers received them, then there is nothing fishy about it.

I personally would not worry about this seller.
Jul 3, 2006
Okay - go to this thread: eBay Forums: HELP LV EXPERTS!! ...

Here are some posts from some fairly well thought of people on the Ebay Shoes, purses and accessories thread:

There have been questions before on this board about that seller. Some recently. Sorry, but to me it may be a mirror fake. She has way too many bags for sale, all with plastic on the handles (which I've always seen as a give away on fakes), the end tag is off (both stiching, leather imprint and placement off kilter), and the trim on the bag appears too white.

From another:
hmmm, whatever. I agree with caped, I think its fake. Also look at how sloppy the stitching is.

From another:
I still don't like the tab ... and how does a seller get so many bags that are still in their wrapping? Seriously, I'd love to get an answer to this.

From another:
I was interested in one of this sellers bags recently, until I checked their other listings; alot of new bags! It just made me nervous. I'm not accusing this seller or trying to come off as overly suspicious, but I'm with Caped...how does a seller come to be in possession of so many "brand new" Louis Vuittons???? I sincerely want to know.

and another:
And not to be witchy, but what does having a Pilot for a husband have to do with anything? Do pilots get special discounts that the rest of us don't? These bags that are never discounted, never sold to wholesalers--how do they end up selling for lower prices unless this is a money-losing venture? I don't understand.

And another:
That's the only way I can see it, BUT, who invests in hundreds of limited edition bags at the time of launch and keeps them 2 or 3 years before selling?? I would say not many Sellers do this.....~!
true, but who would hold on to a bag for 2 or 3 years with hundreds of dollars out of pocket ONLY to make $50 to $100 2 or 3 years later? I sure as heck would not.

and another:
every returning U.S. citizen is only allowed $800 duty-free upon returning to the United States. So unless the pilot is smuggling them in (and I am not in any way suggesting that he is doing so) he must be paying some tax on them (usually it is a flat 10% on the next $1000, and then special rates for beyond that--thus on a $2000 bag the first $800 is free, then next $1000 costs $100, and the last $200 would be tax at the discretion of the customs agent). EVEN IF THEY ARE INTENDED AS GIFTS.

These posts are from some of the main people that do authenticating on the ebay board. And many people - so I don't think this is a situation of a certain seller or sellers going after this one seller.

Anyway - it was enough to raise huge red flags for me - it just doesn't make sense - how in the world would you come across that many almost new bags - pilot husband or not.

I would be way to worried about mirror image, bought in bulk. This is just personal opinion, mine only - what my comfort level is - Everyone has to make up their own minds - I think it just seems fishy so I would stay away.