Has anyone purchased from www.reebonz.com?

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  1. Do not buy bags from reebonz they do not sell genuine prada, balenciaga, miu miu etc... Just send a quick email to prada and you will get a very prompt response that - they are fake!

  2. This is impossible - I took my prada bag to prada and they informed me the bag was a fake - I went back to reebonz for a refund and they said they would not refund

  3. Anyone reading this will know that there is no such thing as a 1% faulty stock in any italian designer bag - buyers beware of Reebonz they are selling fake products!
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  4. Hmm... No offences but I don't agree with you. If Reebonz don't sell authentic goods, with their scale of operation, they would have long been sued by the luxury brands.
  5. I have purchased products from Reebonz and i believe they are authentic. Reebonz is pretty well known in Asia. Many bloggers from my country have purchased products from the website and introduce them in their blog. However I am not sure if Reebonz in other country works the same as the Reebonz in Asia.
  6. Hi all,

    How do I get a prada bag authenticated? I purchased it from Reebonz and the logo is not right at all, the 'r' in prada is not kinked inwards as it should be.

    I've been given the complete run around by Reebonz who refuse to do anything about it.
    I contacted prada head office who won't provide an authentication service and I can't take this matter to the tribunal without solid proof the bag is a fake.

    After attending the Reebonz flagship store today, they reluctantly agreed to discuss with head office and kept the bag for review, I did say I would be happy for the logo to be replaced but I'm so tired of arguing with these people.

    Can anyone give some advice on some really bad dodgy experience they've had with Reebonz? I am at my wits end sigh.....
  7. I too have had good experience in Reebonz, although there are Reebonz office and offline sales here, not sure if that made a difference. I've bought two Balenciagas so far and they are authentic -- had it authenticated by the local Balenciaga store. Shipping has always been prompt (at least within their stated timeline).

    Although the leather are not as buttery and soft as the ones i've purchased at the Balenciaga store, but i guess that's just the issue with buying online -- you can't pick the leather that you want.

    I think it's not fair to dismiss all of their bags as fake, especially as there are others who have purchased from them and had good experience....

  8. Hi there, what was your experience with Reebonz? I'm having serious drama with them!
  9. Well before placing my first order I must have read all reviews on net about reebonz as I was solo skeptical ..after much thought I ordered a low priced Michael kors.. It arrived in beautiful packaging and you can feel that brand new freshness.. I did authenticate the bag and it is genuine and it did looked genuine from all ends.. So my experience have been fantastic after 3 purchases made so far..no issues no dramas
    I guess one I was bit disappointed and it my fault got this BCBG max Azaria duffle and just after one use the outer surface peeled off..I cannot find any reviews of the bag on net so don't know what to do,,,cow leather peel , don't know :sad:
  10. I wouldn't risk it, I dropped by the flagship store in Sydney and the shop assistants has the audacity to say to me that prada struggles with quality on all bags as they're all handcrafted.. They reluctantly accepted the bag for repairs a Ian yet to receive a response. Stay away from Reebonz it's not worth the couple hundred dollars you might save for a bigger headache later on
  11. Just made a purchase for a coach wallet and the quality is bad. It did not come with the usual hanging tag thing. The zip split after only a few use. Emailed them but simply no response!!! Terrible experience! I highly suspect they are selling both real and replicas which is why they can offer discounts and yet make profit. What you get from them is like a draw from hat. Why waste good money. Don't buy from them. #spam
  12. The funny thing is, there is absolutely nothing on the net art from purse forum, about complaints against Reebonz. I tried to take them to the tribunal but it seems the designer brand stores swear by Reebonz too.
  13. Update: reebonz replied that they only sell authentic items and that it may be a manufacturing fault by coach. They sent some one to take back the item (very good) and will refund (excellent indeed).

    They are having sale now and could not resist making more purchases. Fingers crossed
  14. Just placed a order from Reebonz a few days ago. Hope everything will be fine. Fingers crossed.
  15. Since joining last year from reebonz regular to solitaire then now black member, reebonz is perfect for me being a mother with 2 toddlers live in jakarta indonesia so going places is no more convenient for extra time personal luxury shopping, for this reason reebonz save a sanity :lol: Purchase mainly balenciaga, celine, BV new handbags n footwear, quality many times good also no doubt in authenticity so far goods from them always proven authentic by each brand boutiques abroad. There was few times returned items too, by each return switching or refund process is fast n clear with their customer service by email or phone. Am satisfied with reebonz so far i see their quality n service as excellent. Enjoy many times happy shopping with them.