Has anyone purchased from ocfashions...

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  1. on eBay? I know their items are authentic but how is their customer service?
  2. I found her communication via e-mail etc.. very good as well as customer service....

    I had the misfortune of my Chanel wallet that I'd purchased from her being "lost with USPS"... it turned out that it was delivered to - and SIGNED BY someone else with the same last name - but not my address... even though the address was CORRECT on the package. Throughout the ordeal... ocfashions was VERY kind and helpful.. and was offering to refund if it didn't turn up - as well as putting a tracer on it from their end!

    Thankfully I got my wallet.... it was USPS (BIG)mistake...and my experience with ocfashions was very good.
  3. I have bought two bags from them and everything was great, I would buy there again :tup:
  4. Great customer service.
  5. We met before (she purchased from me before & she lives in the city next to mine) very honest person and highly recommended.:tup:
  6. Great to know!! Thanks everyone! I have been watching their auctions and just wanted to be reassured that if I placed a bid and won, all would be fine. Appreciate your comments!
  7. YES! She's wonderful, no worries.