Has anyone purchased from Monticarlo Club seller?

  1. Any feedback is appreciated!

  2. Hi and welcome! Please read our list of recommended sellers on the sticky above. You'll see MCC there. Great seller but high markup.
  3. Authentic but very high premiums and shipping charges. One time she charged about $100 for shipping, supposedly via FedEx overnight, but it was sent USPS Express Mail $50 instead.
  4. I have bought a couple of bags and been very happy with the purchases! The bags I found to be in perfect condition (one was used and one new)....shipping was expensive...but mine did come overnight...not a lot of fuzzy communication but very professional. HTH!
  5. I bought a Rocabar Garden Party tote and a Ulysse agenda from her. I was very satisfied. HTH!!
  6. Thank you for all the feedback!!