Has anyone purchased from let-trade.com before?

  1. Hi, Like I said before, Im looking into buying a pre owned LV. Many of you recomended me Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ let-trade.com ~. Has anyone purchased from here before? how was your experience? Isnt this website from china? Thanks so much for your info.
  2. Let-Trade sells 100% authentic LV.
  3. My experience was awesome, great price and extra super speedy shipping :biggrin: I have read a couple threads lately about smelly items from them though.
  4. the website is from china, please don't let stereo types and generalizing get in the way. :sad:
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. I actually saw the papillon 30 I am looking for, but NO mini papillon!!!! AAAGHHH!!!! really good price though. Thanks again.
  6. ^^ITA.... let-trade only sells 100% authentic LVs.
  7. Although let-trade is from Hong Kong (part of China), they sell 100% authentic LVs. It is very common in Hong Kong people sell their designer bags to those second-hand stores (like let-trade) once the style is out of season, and then use the $$ to buy the newest style.

    I personally bought from let-trade before, and had a great experience with them. :yes:
  8. Just Did...Very organized business! Seems he gets new stuff in all the time, so keep looking there.:yahoo:
  9. GREAT don't be afraid
  10. trustworthy, authentic and fast ship! have fun!
  11. I just bought from them yesterday! Can't wait to recieve it!
  12. A good search will tell you the majority of experiences with let-trade have been great. As for myself, he's one of the only people outside of a store I've bought from and can't say enough great things about let-trade. :biggrin:
  13. sorry OP..next time do a search before you post! there are a lot of threads that have discussed this! :p
  14. Just did - didja know the shipping cost is already in the price? yippy
  15. They are great!!!