Has anyone purchased from hgbags on ebay?

  1. Just wondered what your experience was with Chloe...Some of the Chanel gals are very skeptical about this seller and there have been reports of fake bags mixed in with the authentic ones.
    Of course a black bouler (aka my dream bag) is on their site and I just don't know whether to risk or not....:confused1:
  2. There is actually a very long thread about them on this forum somewhere. I'll see if I can find it. Some people have had good experiences with them while others have not. I never buy from people that mix fakes with the real thing. It's just bad politics.
  3. ^^agree!! if fakes are for sure mixed in then I don't want to support that seller at all... I guess I just need to hold on and not get desparate for the "dream bag"
  4. Hi, that just jogged my memory as I was only reading through this thread the other day...Here's the link

    That Greige Day looks so tempting, but I don't think I would feel comfortable doing it based on the feedback on this seller...Cheers,
  5. I have bought from her several times and I received awesome, authentic bags. Whatever happened in the past with her, is the past, I would buy from her again without hesitation. Please dont let this thread turn into a bashing thread. I dont think its fair to hgbags when shes not here to defend herself again and again.
  6. A friend of mine just purchased a Chloe Shopper Tote and a Balenciaga City from her....both authentic and gorgeous. She's very nice to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her! HTH! :flowers:
  7. I have bought authentic bags from HGbags, all beautiful and authentic. I have also sold authentic bags to her and both experiences have been good.
  8. old thread :smile:
  9. ^ Yes, it is isn't it? :biggrin:
  10. I have purchsed two with Chloe advising they were real!
  11. I bought in the past two bags on ebay: a Chanel and a Marc Jacobs: both fake. I was refund by the seller but will never try again!
    There are a lot of Chloe on ebay, but 90% are fake ones. I think it's better to wait for it and be sure to have what we really want, without defaults and be sure it is authentic. More, if you buy in Chloe store, if you have a problem with, they can repair it and give you all advices you need for the maintenance.
  12. i would trust hgbags. she has a website where i purchased my proenza ps1 from, and i think the ebay store is just an extension of her website. if you take a peek in the proenza ps1 thread many, many people would probably agree that hgbags sells authentic items...