Has anyone purchased from Harvey Nichols?

  1. I just purchased a Balenciaga bag from them and was wondering if anybody have to pay custom fees once merchandise is received? The sales rep said she will include a form I can fill out to obtain my taxes back. Has anybody done this before? I'm new at this and am unsure what the procedures are. :sad: I hope I don't get taxed a lot for the bag :sad: TIA!!
  2. i bought a bbag from harvey nics london on my recent trip to europe. they gave me a tax free form to fill out and give to the airport, i received a 100 and some refund a couple of months later. i'm not sure how it works with mail order, you'll probably have to mail the form to receive your refund. if it is a form like i had it was really easy, just be patient on receiving your refund and you may not get the full monty back. hope this helps:tup:
  3. Hello. Harvey Nics prices include VAT/taxes of 17.5% for those of us in the UK or EU (...I know, it's a lot)

    They will send you some kind of form that you can fill out and send to get your 17.5% back. (assuming you are from outside the EU/UK)

    What did ya get????
  4. Great! Thanks for the info. Do you know if I will be charged custom taxes when I receive my bag? :sad: I got the Giant Day with GH in Vert Gazon!!! My first Balenciaga bag so I'm really excited!!! :yahoo:
  5. You can only have your VAT refund when you actually visit and shop in the UK as a non-UK(EU) resident.....Unfortunately in your case, I do not think you can get your tax back.:sad:
    Btw,you may be charged import/custom tax by your own country. I bought a bag from a US seller before and when I received the bag, I have to pay extra 55 pounds as import tax:cursing:

    congrats to your first Bbag...nice colour!
  6. :wtf: Which Harvey Nichols did you go to?? The one in London said they didn't have any VG left!!
  7. *sigh* :sad: that's what i'm afraid of, that my country will tax me once the package gets here. I hope it's not a whole lot. A great friend of mines in UK had the bag on hold for me at the Harvey Nichols in Scotland :yahoo: