Has anyone purchased from Fashionette?

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  1. Hi!

    I hope you lovely ladies and gents can help me!

    I've just found this website - www.fashionette.co.uk (based in the EU in Germany) and they are asking for a date of birth when you register with them.
    This has made me a little nervous - card details, name, address and DOB - as these could potentially open you to identity theft.
    I've spoken to them today on the phone and they say it's to ensure they can do an ID check before accepting your payment (for fraud etc).

    Has anyone shopped with them in the past? Anyone with good or bad experiences to report?
    I've seen a Bal I really like and want to buy but am just a bit wary. Your feedback would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for all of your help!

    MFD :smile:
  2. Can't advise unfortunately, but I am also thinking about buying from Fashionette for the first time, (a campomaggi bag). Fashionette has a much better rating for customer service online than the other site I have found for my bag (Wardow), however I have never previously been asked for a date of birth on any payment authorisation, including businesses based in the EU such as Best Secret. Agree it seems a bit strange!
  3. I bought form them recently and found them amazing

    I'm UK based - they have a uK phone number option and you get an option to speak to someone who speaks English

    They answer their emails fairly quickly during the week, don't think they work weekends

    Both times were well packed in a box of adequate size - came wrapped in tissue paper

    Fully trackable delivery - arrived within a couple of days

    I returned the first bag as the colour wasn't quite me - refund processed within 2 days of tracking showing delivered

    Bags came in pristine condition

    Customer service friendly

    They have a great selection of bags - I got my first bag in rouge cerise 50% off and 40% off the black one - it's currently full price on Nap so I was amazed at the heavy discount

    They have a 30 day free returns policy - pretty generous IMO

    I've had no issues and would recommend

    In don't remember the DOB question though
  4. I'm from Germany and have had bad experience with Fashionette as well as with Wardow. Unfortunately can't recommend any of them. Unfriendly customer service and, well, they didn't seem too interested in my money. When something went wrong with the shipping or the order process respectively, they treated me like they didn't care and weren't helpful at all. I'd never shop there again.
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  5. I eventually ordered my bag from Wardow, though with some trepidation! Fortunately the bag arrived safely and I love it and will definitely be keeping it, however I'm not sure I'll be a regular customer. Online shopping is great but only if the customer service is good when something goes wrong. If I do order again, I'll pay by credit card even though Wardow offer a discount for bank transfers, then I'd have the additional protection if the order didn't arrive.
  6. Actually I did have problems when I tried to order by credit card with Wardow. Paid otherwise before that and never had problems. The thing is, once I am treated badly by customer service, I can hold a grudge, especially when there is no apology. So, never buying from either ever again....;)
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  7. I ordered from fashionette several times and never had any major problem. Their customer service seems to be pretty rude, but that didn't keep me from ordering there. Overall, I would recommend fashionette - beside two things: they tend to put their bags on deep discount right after I ordered it which is totally annoying. One strange thing I found out: they put bags on discount for a few weeks and all of a sudden they put the same item back to the original price. That happened with a Fendi micro Peekaboo: it was 50%(!) off, a few weeks later: back to retail price. Strange thing. ;)
  8. Thank you so much for all your replies on this thread - hugely appreciated! :biggrin: x
  9. I ordered from Fashionette and had some issues with shipping (it's almost impossible to ship to a different address because they don't let you change the recipient's name), but I got the bag in the end. Just my two cents...I live in Italy and wasn't surprised about the website asking for the date of birth, it's often requested on Italian and EU websites, maybe it's different in the US. You can pay with PayPal anyway so you don't have to input your card details...that's what I did anyway :smile:
    Hope this helps!
  10. I'm writing to warn people about Wardow. Their prices are very attractive but there are major hidden costs. Like good luck getting a refund or something re-shipped to you. I bought something 2 months ago and still haven't received it. Their customer service is robotic and dismissive. Once they have your money, they really couldn't care less about your customer satisfaction. They are definitely not interested in repeat business - just high volume one time sales. Horrible company. Wish I had read all the complaints to the same effect about them first that you can see on Trustpilot and their own facebook account. Learn from me - don't shop at Wardow!
  11. Sorry that you have had such a bad experience: I've been considering buying another bag from Wardow, but you've reminded me why I had my doubts in the first place!
  12. Cant agree more! The worst customer service ever! I will never shop there again!
  13. @ajamy can you send me invites to Best Secret?
  14. Hi guys .... I’m considering buying from Fashionette.
    The reviews are extremely mixed, hoping for more up to date feedback.
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  15. I‘m from Germany and bought there several times! It‘s a big company here... great service & fast shipping as well... u can pay in installments too...