Has anyone purchased from BagBorroworSteal.com's outlet?

  1. So, I was poking around the outlet on Bag, Borrow, or Steal yesterday, where they sell bags that they're clearing out to make room for new season bags. There was a really beautiful grenat Paddy hobo there, and since I've been wanting that style & color for a while now, and it was a decent price, I bought it. The info they provided at time of purchase was that they will confirm inventory afterwards - that it's possible that someone else could have bought it at the same time, etc. Out of curiosity I went back to the outlet and the same bag is still listed for sale. I sent a note to their customer service people but haven't heard back yet.

    So, have any of you purchased from them? Have they ever come back afterwards to tell you the item was out of stock, or sent you an incorrect item? I'm starting to get a little worried.
  2. have not purchased, but pretty bag. Hope it works out for you!!!

  3. Wait?? The bag was at the store for you to buy but they wouldn't let you buy it??? That's weird. If it's physically at the outlet store wouldn't it be available inventory or do they sell these things online as well?:confused1:
  4. No... the bag is on their online outlet. I don't think they have a physical store. The bag was available online, I purchased, entered all the payment info, got a confirmation that says "Congratulations, you have purchased this bag" with an image of the bag, and an email saying they would confirm whether they have the stock and when it will ship. However, after all that I went back to the site and the bag is still there and showing up as being available for purchase online.
  5. Maybe they have more than one in stock? You should just call them and find out.
  6. I tried contacting them several times - when I called I was on hold for a while, so I sent an email, which they did not respond to. I'm talking to their online customer service rep now (they have a live chat option, didn't notice it before) so we'll see what they say.

    After reading all the other threads about them, I'm now concerned about the bag's condition and/or authenticity - I may end up cancelling the order.
  7. I have never purchased from before nor borrowed. I have checked their site a few times but nothing more than that.
  8. I've never borrowed from them, as I think the prices aren't worth it, but have seen decent deals on the outlet, and in a moment of smooshy grenat leather weakness I purchased. We'll find out if it was a good idea or not soon!

    So, the live chat customer service guy told me that they have more than one of that bag available, and that the reason I didn't get any shipping confirmation email is because that system runs its updates once a day around 7 pm. So I will supposedly get a shipping confirmation email tonight and the bag will be on its way. I plan to report back in detail in re: the bag's condition and its authenticity, after thoroughly panicking myself by reading some of the other threads here about them.
  9. I purchased a Carlos Falchi small barrel bag from BagBorrow or Steal the first time they "opened" the outlet. It came with no problem and was in brand new condition. I would definitely purchase from them again.
  10. I bought a nice gently used Francesco Biasia from BB or S's outlet. I never heard of Bag Borrow having authenticity issues.