Has anyone purchased anything non-LV from let-trade.com?

  1. I hope that I can post this here...if I can't or violated anything, I'm sorry!!

    I know that legions of LV tPFers swear by let-trade.com, but I wanted to know whether anyone has purchased anything from let-trade.com that's not LV-related? I recall a thread a long time ago questioning an Hermes item that was listed, and it seemed like let-trade was very receptive to tPFers who asked questions. I'm looking to buy something from let-trade.com that is not an LV item, and I'm a bit nervous only because I rarely ever buy anything from eBay or from a non-authorized dealer. And, I'm also wary because it's overseas.

    I would complete a "search", but the function has been temporarily disabled.

    I would appreciate hearing experiences. I've also heard that let-trade is a member here, and I would love to hear from you as well.

  2. Okay mods....I'm having one of "those" days today...

    I thought I was in the general "handbags" section, but realized just now that I've mis-posted in the Balenciaga section (trying to duck away from the screen at my mistake).

    I would appreciate it if someone could kindly remove/re-post my thread....

    Sorry :flowers:.
  3. I have bought non-LV items from let-trade and they were authentic and great. I can recommend them. I'm in Europe and the int'l shipping was safe and very fast.
  4. I actually purchased a Balenciaga bag from Let-trade a few months ago. The bag was great; just as described and shown in the pictures. Shipping was fast but not packaged as nicely as I would have liked.
  5. I have purchased a Balenciaga bag from let-trade, and I was very pleased with the entire transaction.
  6. Thanks for the responses...

    I went ahead and ordered a non-LV bag from let-trade.com. I'll let you guys know how it turns out when I get it. Keeping my fingers-crossed!