Has anyone purchased an agenda from LV in Toronto? (Either the boutique or HR?)

  1. If so, did your's come with a dust bag?

    I called LV today (the Bloor St. boutique) to see if they had a particular agenda in stock. I asked if the agendas came with dust bags and was told they didn't and that it was not possible to get one with my purchase. I know it may sound silly but I really want a dust bag when I purchase my agenda. lol. Have any of you purchased agendas from LV or one of the Holt Renfrews in Toronto and did it come with a dustbag?
  2. I totally agree with you that you want everything to come with it. I purchased a Porte Monnaie wallet and was told wallets don't come with dustbags but the SA for some funny reason got me a dustbag that fit perfectly with it. When I bought a pochette cerises for my sister as a bridal shower gift, I was told they couldn't find it, my panda pochette had no tags. I wonder about LV sometimes. This was all purchased at the Montreal Ogilvy LV store.
  3. Agendas do not come with dust bags. If you meet a nice SA and ask, sometimes they'll give you one if they have extras, but once more, they usually do not come with dust bags.

    As for the wallets and pochettes accessoires, they should all come with dustbags and 2 tags (and a booklet in the case of LE)
  4. Interesting.
    My agenda was bought in Las Vegas and it came with a dustbag.
    I bought my Panda Keychain at the Bloor LV boutique and it came with a dustbag.
  5. I dunno then...
    I should have made it more clear that I was talking about those in the permanent collection. If you look in the agenda drawers (first two bottom drawers near the entrance of Louis Vuitton Ogilvy), no agenda from the permanent collection is stored with a dustbag and is sold as is.
    (REAL) Keychains do have dustbags (excluding some..., eg mono cles cuz it's not a "real" keychain imo...)

    okie, this is kinda getting confusing...lol
  6. Thanks for the info guys. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get a dust bag with my agenda, but I guess we'll see!
  7. I've bought 4 agendas and they all came with dustbags.
  8. i just recently bought an agenda from holts bloor, and it came with the generic beigie lv bag. i've never bought anything without it, they just come with it i assume? never had to ask.
  9. I purchased the small 6 ring black M.C. agenda two years ago, at Holt Renfrew LV. botique in Toronto. My agenda did come with a dust bag. In fact I used to keep my agenda in it's dust bag in my purse for awhile to protect it.

    I don't know if they all come with them, but mine did!
  10. Thanks guys. I really hope mine does come w/ a dust bag!