has anyone purchased a white ysl muse and actually decided to keep it?

  1. im recently thinking about buying a large white muse and have been surfing this forum for couple days. i've found some people said that they bought the white but later decided to return it. im just wondering if there's anyone who's bought the white and is happy with it. thanks!
  2. Hi! I have 2 white YSL Muse bags. I never thought of returning them. I never liked the black Muse bag though. But, for the fall season, they told that they were gonna have a patent black bag. I haven't seen it yet. But, if it's nice, I'd go for it. The white Muse bag is lovely. I love it!
  3. I think the white Muse is gorgeous. I don't recall too many stories about people returning their white Muses.

    I considered purchasing the white Muse (on several different occasions), but ultimately decided against it. While it is a lovely bag, I think the color is a little more high maintenance than the other colors available. I would definitely hesitate to use it as an every day bag. Then again, I live in NYC, which is not exactly the cleanest place in the world, so that fact might be coloring my opinion just a bit.

    If you are a fan of white bags and don't mind the maintenance factor, I would definitely recommend the Muse.
  4. Lots of fashionspot ladies have hardly given any of their other bags a glance since getting the white oversized muse.

    I am not a white bag person,but I have the black large and I've been surgically attached to it since I got it too. This bag just grows on you!

    I think that,as with any bag,if you buy it because the style and its particular charm appeals to you,you'll love it.

    If you're after the latest "It" bag this one is probably not the one,as it has no bells or whistles and not very many people off purse and fashion forums have seen one!
  5. I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with this. I think the Muse is one of the "It" bags of the moment. If it wasn't it wouldn't be sold out practially everywhere. I was carrying mine in Saks the other day, and the SA at the YSL boutique said that she receives over 100 calls a day about the Muse. That seems like an awfully high number, but who knows, maybe she wasn't hyperbolizing.

    In my opinion, the difference between this bag and some of the other "It" bags is longevity. You'll be able to carry the Muse forever, but grommets, padlocks, fringe and pretty much any other extemporaeous detail is bound to go out of style sooner than later.

    I see these bags all the time on the streets of NYC. A LOT of women have them. That doesn't make me for one second think about not carrying my Muse bags though. At the moment, my Muses are my favorites. Unfortunately I have too many and am in the process of selling the one that is not getting any use.

    I also think that anyone who is serious about handbags and fashion has undoubtedly heard of the Muse.

    What matters most at the end of the day though is that YOU love the bag, and whether it fits your personal style, not how "hot" or "in" the bag is or how many other people are carrying it.
  6. angst,I think you have misunderstood me.

    Firstly,I do know that the Muse is an "it" bag. It is just that it is a rather plain bag (like the Chloe Edith) and most of the women who have bought it and who were subsequently disappointed were not wowed by the "plainness". they'd expected more "It" factor.

    Secondly,I was not implying that bells and whistles are the things that people should want. I said that one is more likely to hold onto this bag if you bought it for the bag itself,rather than for its "It" status. So on that count we agree,then.

    And thirdly,I said that people *off* purse and fashion forums (and meaning,therefore,the uninitiated) may not be as familiar with this bag as with other "It" bags.So I do understand that people who are serious about fashion know about this bag.When I personally purchase a bag I don't care who else is carrying it. (Nobody where I am,usually.) But some people do.

    I was trying to help...to give some kind of input regarding the situation with people who love vs people who are disappointed with this bag,and the expectations that may contribute to one or the other situation arising.
  7. QuirkyCool, my apologies if you took offense to my post. That was by no means intended. If you read the first sentence of my response, I said I would have to "respectfully disagree." It sounds like you think I was attacking you personally; I was not. My post was about my general thoughts on the bag and it had nothing to do with you whatsoever.

    You and I apparently have two different definitions of "It" bags. An "It" bag to me is a bag that is popular at the moment, highly sought out, and as a result difficult to obtain. I don't include the thought of bells and whistles in my definition of the term. It comes down to a matter of semantics between you and I. You did say, "If you're after the latest 'It' bag this one is probably not the one" though.

    I never said that you were implying that "bells and whistles" are things people should want. I have no idea how you could possibly extract that from my post. And I didn't say or imply that you personally care whether or not a bag is hot or if other people are carrying it. Based on your posts on this forum, I think you have wonderful taste in bags.

    I thought your first post was helpful. If you notice, I only pulled ONE sentence out of it to "respectfully disagree" with. I deliberately chose not to quote your whole post in my response. I too was just trying to be helpful and hopefully contribute. Please feel free to PM me if you feel the need to discuss this further. No hard feelings here.
  8. thanks ladies! for your helpful inputs. I really have my heart set on the large white muse. it's the higher maintenance factor that's concerned me. does the leather scratched easily? is dirt hard to clean off? i've never own a white bag but have been thinking about getting a white bag and the muse if definitely is my favorite.
  9. You're welcome, ojo. If you have your heart set on the bag, I think you should go for it. I know the large and oversized whites are super hard to find right now (I think both NYC YSL boutiques are sold out), but you might be able to find one at one of their other boutiques.

    If I didn't have one offbeat color already (the pewter/anthracite large Muse), I would have purchased the white. I cannot tell you how many times I've picked up the white to examine it. It truly is gorgeous, and each time I see it I have difficulty passing it up. In terms of the Muse in general, I have not found that I have had any problems with picking up dirt. Some bags tend to get dirty easier than others, but the Muse doesn't seem to fall into that category. As long as you are careful with it, you should be able to maintain the leather. It just might take a little more effort than is usually required. If you love the bag though, it will be worth it.

    The leather on my Muse bags is very durable. I haven't noticed any scratches, and if by chance you do get a scratch or two, Apple Guarde leather conditioner should be able to remedy the problem.

    I wish you lots of luck with your decision!
  10. I have the chocolate oversize and haven't used an other bag since I bought it (a couple of months ago) I:love: :love: it. Now I've increased my "Muse family" to an oversize Tan which a friend bought for me in YSL NYC (I live in Europe and they don't have that color here..!?) so I will get it beguinning of May, I can't wait... If you like the white, get it...it's lovely too. I'm not used to carrying white bags, so wanting a light color for spring/summer I opted for Tan.. But I LOVE them all !!! Like someone else said, this bag really grows on you, you buy it coz you like it but the more you use it the more you LOVE it...;) :biggrin:
  11. I am one of the few people on here that bought a white muse and returned it. The reason I returned it wasn't because the bag wasn't great, but because of the color. Most of the people I have talked to on here had the same thing to say about the color being off in white. The other colors look much better. It's just the white has a yellow tint to it and I really wanted something a little more pure.
  12. Angst I've pm'ed you...didn't mean to sound so sharp AND sorry for misunderstanding you!! Respect and peace!!!

    ojo good luck in your bag choice:idea: .
  13. one quick question: is Apple Guard leather conditioner safe to use on white? thanks
  14. just an update: i bought the large white muse from Houston galleria this week!! it's so gorgeous and it's also bigger than i expected when i 1st saw it in person. i feel it's more like a work/travel bag for me. maybe i'll get my next muse in medium.
  15. ^^Can you post photo's please? I'm really torn right now between the oversized Chocolate Muse and the White Muse.
    I can only have one and don't know which one would be better for me long term.
    I love the bags classic lines and that is a simple bag - so chains - locks- straps, etc.