Has anyone purchased a Mulberry that they craved but then it turned out to no...


Jan 10, 2011
Has anyone craved a bag they've always wanted but when it arrived it wasn't what they expected ?

I've always admired my mums Mulberry Antony. I'd owned mulberry's for a few years before mum finally decided to take the plunge and and ask my dad to buy her one for Xmas. I've always been jealous of this bag. It's seemed so easy to wear and effortless.
I decided to keep my eye open for a reasonably priced one on ebay. As a sweetener to the husband, I told him it was a unisex style which he could wear too.
I purchased a graphite grey Antony with the silver hardware and I was so excited for it to arrive.
As soon as I opened I knew it wasn't for me. This is the first time this has happened where the bag hasn't lived up to my expectations. It's time for her to find a new home.

Has anyone else had this experience?
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Apr 14, 2013
Yes! I wanted an EW Effie hobo for a long time, tracked one down - and almost immediately realised it wasn't for me at all. I sold it on quickly, and never looked back... sometimes you just know!


Jan 10, 2011
Yes! I wanted an EW Effie hobo for a long time, tracked one down - and almost immediately realised it wasn't for me at all. I sold it on quickly, and never looked back... sometimes you just know!

Eddie, loved the rabbit strap but it just didn't look right on me. Strap wasn't long enough to wear across body.

I loved my edie! I have sellers regret for selling her on. I found her a little complicated/fiddley to open when I was shopping.

I also looked at a EW Eddie too in oak in peach or oak I think. I really liked it but hubby didn't!
Jul 11, 2014
My oak alexa. I wanted one for ages n paid full retail for the polished buffalo version. I m still making myself use it cos I know if I sell it on I wouldn't get what I paid for it. It's growing on me but I thought I would love it on first sight....


Jul 30, 2012
UK South East Coast
Yes, I've done it way too many times.

I don't live near a Mulberry store and previously used to buy bags I hadn't seen IRL. If they were non- returnable I had to re-sell. And it's difficult to get your money back with such high selling fees everywhere. If they were returnable, it evolved packing up and quite often paying for returns which isn't cheap on such a value. :graucho:

So basically, I just don't buy a bag anymore unless I've seen the colour for real and tried it on. They can look so different to what you are expecting. I am cured :tup::tup:


Jun 25, 2012
North West, England
more times than I care to admit to !!!
but as has been said, you never know til you try ?
conversely, i bought one Mulb' & hated it with a passion as soon as it arrived (oak 'Lexi !!!), since I got rid of it (within a week !) subsequently saw another #Lexi I couldn't resist (rose gold HW etc), bought her & fell in love as soon as she arrived .. go figure ?
now have a 'Lexi wild horses couldn't part me from ..


Jan 12, 2012
Fuschia Hanover! I lusted and lusted for months, but when I finally got one it was too big for my tiny frame! :sad: Still love the colour though...


Sep 19, 2012
Oh dear, this does sound familiar ... I always dreamed of the Elgin but it was too bulky and heavy and I had problems with the two rather wide straps over my rather narrow shoulders ... The same occurred with the East West Bays - two handles = disaster for me as the furthest strap always slips down ... I work better with a handheld and shoulder combo, eg sbs.


Aug 6, 2009
Mulberry Annie didn't work out for me at all I had a black then a brown couldn't bond with either sadly then a pink plonge lambskin cannot even remember the style name I was terrified to use it in case it got dirty to name just a couple!


Jul 27, 2014
I'm just not willing to buy-without-try any more. Too much risk of disappointment and I hate the merry-go-round of returns. Fortunately I live near a standalone store, which makes life easier!


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May 20, 2010
West Midlands
Much to my disappointment, Bayswaters! It's the style that drew me to the brand in the first place but the straps just aren't long enough to wear on the shoulder - and I don't do hand held/crook of elbow.

Also - Seth. I thought this would be a great casual messenger as I find Anthony is too much strap/too little bag. I acquired a fabulous preloved hunka chunka leather, but the zip goes the "wrong" way as I carry my bags on my left shoulder - deal breaker! :shrugs: