has anyone purchased a kooba from shopmint.com?

  1. has anyone purchased a kooba from shopmint.com?

    i saw a caramel patent natasha on the site a week ago so i bought it. after a recent fake kooba mistake on eBay, i e-mailed kooba to see if shopmint.com is an authorized dealer.

    kooba customer service replied back with,"We do not have that retailer on our list of authorized retailers, however this does not mean they are not an authorized retailer."

    i still have time to return my bag if need be. i just wanted your guys' input.
  2. Hi Annestacy. I'm not familiar with this site, but had a look and it looks to be legit? They could be getting the bags from a distributor. But I think by seeing the prices, you could do better somewhere else, depending on what bag you want?
  3. I haven't, but considering it's full price, you're better off buying from a trusted retailer who also offers some type of coupon code. grechenscloset.com has a whole list of retailers who sell Kooba if you check under designer directory.
  4. thanks for the advice.

    the bag seems to be real (compared to the fake one from eBay).
  5. Anyone purchase from [​IMG] or couturedemode.com ?

  6. i know that michael klein in new york sells koobas that are authentic...check out their website...i got my natasha, jessie and cassandra from them...
    hope that helps!
  7. Too bad they don't have an online store..:sad:
  8. Net-A-Porter is very legit, dprice.
  9. I got a fake for 650 from there!
  10. watch out for kooba fakes from shopmint
  11. shopmint.com is definitely legit! i bought an anna corinna bag from them last year and a kooba from shopmint this fall. i was happy with both! i also just ordered a cute shoshanna dress from shopmint
  12. active endeavors and bluefly are two sites that provide great kooba sales. problem for me is ae's hq are here in chicago so i get charged tax on their typically good selection of sale kooba, gusttos, botkier and more.