Has anyone purchased a handbag from Jomashop.com?

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Sep 29, 2008
I just received a handbag (Givenchy messanger bag) that I ordered through Jomashop.com.
I am very disppointed.
I thought that the webiste sells authentic watches and accessories including handbags, but it is hard to believe that the item I received is authentic.
at first, the handbag doesn't look like made with real leather.
And the label attached inside of the bag indicated that the items is made in CHINA. Does anyone know if Givenchy or any other top designers made their products in China???????
Oct 11, 2007
I had already ordered this bag when I found this post. It was my first Jomashop purchase after reading lots of good reviews here. It arrived last week and I was also surprised to find the Made in China tag, so today I took a trip into the city to check the department stores.

At Myer here in Brisbane Australia where I live they stock Givenchy bags and I found the display was now separated into 2 sections - one shelf had the Nighingales and some others in that kind of price range (US$1500 upwards!!) and the other had a range of these Mogambos and some other similar soft leather styles which were all a lot cheaper (approx US$600). It looks like Givenchy may now have a less expensive type of diffusion line, which the Mogambo is part of. Even the care card says something along the lines of "styling reflects the essence of the Givenchy spirit".

Overall, I'm really happy with the purchase from Jomashop - I compared every last detail with the bags instore and it is ABSOLUTELY AUTHENTIC! The shipping was fast and the price was amazing.
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